Server administration
Both medium and large businesses often have their own on-premises server infrastructure. For many use cases, maintaining your own private cloud is cost-effective. However, it comes with additional challenge, especially if it uses a large arsenal of technological solutions. You need to employ multiple highly paid engineers, whose competence can hardly be assessed by an untrained HR department employee.

This is where we are ready to help — we specialize in the support of servers, public and private cloud solutions, virtualization, mail and web services, network infrastructure and any other server infrastructure.
Configuring operating systems (Linux, Windows, FreeBSD) for maximum performance, optimizing the services;
Web-server support (Nginx, Apache, IIS), application servers;
Backup configuration (Bacula, Amanda, mysqldump, Microsoft DPM etc.)
Server monitoring (Zabbix, Cacti, Pandora, Munin, Grafana, Loki etc.)
Amazon Web Services , Microsoft Azure and other public clouds;
Version control and automatic configuration management system support (svn, git, puppet, ansible, chef, GitLab CI/CD);
Mail server support (Exchange, Exim, Postfix, CommuniGate, etc.);
Configuring and optimizing database servers (MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, Redis, Oracle);
Software upgrade, reconfiguration;
Installing specific software for specific tasks;
VPS/VDS setup and support;
Curing of sites from viruses, support for all popular engines (Joomla, WordPress, Bitrix, etc.);
Configuration and support for VPN;
Writing or editing of system scripts, automation of tasks;
Configuring and supporting virtualization systems (Xen, Hypev-V, KVM, Docker, VMware);
Configuring system security;
Active Directory setup and support;
Treatment of infected websites, updating, protection from reinfection;
Configuring and maintaining various application servers;
Assistance in defending against DDoS attacks.
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