Integration of Jira and other Atlassian products
Our company has over 6 years of experience with systems based on Atlassian products, which allows us to handle tasks of any complexity.
Data Center/Cloud migration
We help you migrate your system to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center without impacting users, while maintaining experience on other systems. We perform migration in a short timeframe safely for you from both Atlassian Server solutions and other task management systems. We also find a suitable, budget-friendly license type for the job.
Atlassian Systems Audit
Prior to commencing work, our team of experts conducts a system audit in order to identify weaknesses and strengths and to optimise performance. We help clean up the systems, report on the work performed and provide recommendations for improvements and necessary changes.
Optimize system performance based on Atlassian products
A team of experts will ensure your system runs at peak performance without any disruption or degradation of efficiency.
Hourly rates based on execution
Price based on scope and complexity
100 € per hour
other services: